Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wednesday Fashion Inspiration: Sarah Jessica Parker

Anyone who really knows me knows that my favorite actress is Sarah Jessica Parker. I love every movie that she is in and i'm a fanatic about anything Sex and the City. I even have some of her clothes from her clothing line she had at Steve and Barry's. I will even tell you this, I have picture from magazines of her up in my house and a signed picture of her next to my bed. I unfortunately didn't get to meet her, my husband did (went and stood in a long line to get her autograph for me since he knows how bad I wanted to do it!).

So of course, she is a huge fashion icon for me on and off screen. She takes risks with fashion and never takes herself too seriously. I love that and I strive to be the same way with my fashion sense. There is something about her and her style that are very down to earth and girly all at the same time. Who doesn't love that? So in honor of SATC2 coming out next month I have decided that my fashion inspiration for this week is Sarah Jessica Parker. I hope you find as much inspiration in her as I do.

Oh, and I couldn't agree more with the saying at the top. Classic, just like SJP herself!!

Fashionably Yours!

This woman does jeans and tees like nobody's business..

...but yet isn't afraid of dresses and heels!!

Her layering is always dead on (even if she does have someone styling her)!!

She makes a slick bun and a pretty dress look more than amazing!

Yet, she can rock it out with the best of them as well!!

Black is always a classic, even in her weardrobe!

And an unexpected take on outfits and getting dressed is just a way of life!

Even while out running errands, this woman has got it together!!

And she's never one to shy away from Color!!
I will always have a girly crush on you SJP!! Keep inspiring me, because you are exactly what a lady should be!


  1. I love SJP, even when she's just taking her kid to school she looks amazing and pulled together!

  2. I have love SJP since the first time I seen her in Hocus Pocus && I am super excited to see if they really to make a sequel to the movie! And of course Sex And The City the series as well as the movies she is flat out amazing ! A woman who is a inspiration to all woman , I have never seen her anything less than stunning && a few years back after my long admiration of SJP my mom brought me hope a framed autographed picture of her (The full pic from BITTEN magazine at the top of this post ^^) I love it !! And not to mention her ageless beauty the older she gets the more she shines and she remains gorgeous .