Monday, November 29, 2010

Is it really time?

I'll tell you what, I was NOT ready to go back to work today after a long weekend! Since Mondays are hard but Mondays after a holiday weekend are even harder I decided it was a leggings and an oversized sweater day. There's not much thinking in that and I can definitely appreciate that on a Monday.

How was your holiday weekend?

Fashionably Yours~

(Sweater: Thrifted, Leggings: F21, Necklace: Used to be my grandma's, Socks: Target, Boots: ??, Ring: F21)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble till you wobble!

Just wanted to send a quick Happy Thanksgiving to all of you lovely readers! I'm so thankful that all of you take the opportunity to listen to me rant everyday. Without you I would just be rambling out into thin air! I hope you and your families have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving! May your holiday season start off with a wonderful day full of food, fun, and plenty of thanks! Lots of love!!

Fashionably Yours~

(Jacket, Shirt, & Pants: Thrifted, Socks: Target, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Necklace & Ring: HMD, Bracelet: ??)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An interesting start..

Oh boy did my short week start out interesting. Some crazy individuals at work sure do make my day sometimes. Well at least I laughed instead of cried!

Not much to say here about this outfit. Except I haven't worn this dress in a long time and felt it was time to bust it out again. I only layered a little bit considering we had an unusually warm 60 degree day yesterday. This Michigan weather just cracks me up sometimes...

Fashionably Yours~

(Dress: Thrifted, Shirt: Target, Boots: Thrifted)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Savings Part II

This is my groceries for this week. First off I went to 2 grocery stores to get all these items. Had I not shopped with coupons I would have spent a total of $92.17, $42.12 at one store and $50.05 at the other. Since I shopped with coupons and I shopped the weekly circulars and sale items I got all of this for a grand total of $49.75. It may seem like a lot to clip coupons and shop the sale ads but I promise you that it pays for itself! For example, the Skippy Peanut butter on the second step was on sale for 3 for $5 and I did only buy 2 so the cost was $3.34 i had 3 coupons. One coupon for $1 off 2 and 2 $.50 coupons that the store doubled. So for 2 containers of peanut butter I paid $.34. Not too bad if I say so myself!

So now that you've been clipping coupons its time to start getting familiar with your local grocery store adds. Here is one thing you should find out, does your store double coupons and if so how much do they double to? One store i went to only doubles up to $.50 and the other doubles up to $1.00. So there are certain things that I will buy at one store that I won't buy at the other because of their coupon policy. Second thing you will need to know is what dates does your grocery store sales run. This will help you shop smarter. My policy is I don't buy it if it's not on sale or I don't have a coupon. A lot of times I won't buy it unless the item is on sale and I have a coupon. Combining coupons with items that are on sale help you get more items for your buck. So start paying attention to your ads and your coupons and see what kind of money you can save.

As always if you have questions you can always ask me and I will help you all I can. Anything I can do to help you save your hard-earned money I will do.

Fashionably Yours~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let the madness begin..

So a week from Friday begins the Black Friday shopping madness. In fact some people (a couple in Florida) are so ready for it that they are already waiting in line at their favorite stores. That's actually what you call madness to me! A big screen tv or a cheap laptop hardly seem worth it in order to waste a week of my time waiting for a chance to get some good deals. I don't know if you're planning on going shopping on black Friday but I know I plan on sitting at home!

Regardless of the shopping madness i'm glad that this upcoming week is Thanksgiving and I'll have a short work week . I'm also glad too that I'll finally get a chance to rest and spend more time with family. So what are your Thanksgiving weekend plans?

Fashionably Yours~

(Shirt: Thrifted, Lace Tank: Charlotte Russe, Vest: Old Navy, Jeggings: H&M, Boots: Wal-Mart, Watch: Target)

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm so glad it's Friday! I've been waiting for this day all week! I am so ready for my weekend. Luckily I only have a 3 1/4 days of work week next week! Boy am I happy about that!

So I must tell you a story about this shirt. Are you ready? I love it, it's comfortable, it's slimming, and I plan on wearing it A LOT! So I sure hope you don't get sick of this design or this outfit because quite frankly this outfit is right next to pajamas in my book. Leggings, boots, and comfortable sweater rank high in my list of dream outfits! You may call it boring but I call it luxury!!

Fashionably Yours~

(Scarf: Gift, Sweater: H&M, Pins: Various Places, Leggings: F21, Socks: Target, Boots: Dots)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ketchup Stripes and Mustard Bottom..

This outfit was interesting for me! I haven't worn this skirt in a little while so I wanted to wear it up with some interesting textures and items that bring down the fanciness of the skirt. It turned out pretty well I thought. Of course to me its all about the hiking boots and the thick tights. In fact, I love these shoes sooo much that I think i'm gonna buy them in brown. So don't be surprise if you see another pair on me often! When you find a fashionable & comfortable pair of shoes you buy multiples!!

Thank god its almost the weekend! I'm so ready!

Fashionably Yours~

(Scarf: Bitten by SJP, Tank: HMD, Cardigan: F21, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights: ??, Socks: Target, Boots: Charlotte Russe)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The learning never ends..

While watching Dr. Oz yesterday I learned 3 very interesting things. I learned that cursng, procrastination, and listening to loud music are healthy for you. It's true! He really said it..believe it! I'm so glad my bad habits are starting to pay off. Go me! Maybe your bad habits are making you healthy too..

Fashionably Yours~

(Scarf: C/O Old Navy, Sweater, Vest, Socks, & Shoes: Target, Skirt: Thrifted, Tights & Ring: F21)

Monday, November 15, 2010

What a start..

So I started my morning/day/week with a headache! How horrible is that for a start to a week? Although, after going to my chiropactor's appointment I felt so much better! So maybe Tuesday will be a better day! Here's hoping..

This lace top is new (courtesy of my husband) and I love it! Especially with this outfit! Layering at its finest.

Fashionably Yours~

(Necklace: Freecycle, Vest: Old Navy, Lace Top: Charlotte Russe, Tank: Papaya, Pants: Thrifted, Boots: Charlotte Russe, Ring: HMD)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Savings

So since this is a fashion AND lifestyle blog i'm gonna start helping you all save some money on your weekly grocery budgets. Friday I got all of these items for around $6.00 and I got it all using the tips that i'm about to share with you all over the next few weeks.

First, it starts with clipping coupons. You can get your coupons from many sources, your local newspapers, websites (coupons, smartsource, redplum), and even coupon blogs (see the lists below of daily coupon blogs that I stalk). You can also get coupons by "liking" a certain brand or company on facebook. For example if you like Wheat Thins, you find them on facebook ( and you "like" them. After you do so, there will be a coupon tab where you can print coupons. The coupon blogs I just spoke about will tell you about some of these coupons as well.

So your assignment this week is to pay attention to coupons and starting printing or cutting coupons for items you like.

Fashionably Yours~


Here are the coupon blogs that I check out multiple times a day. You don't have to do it that often, its just that i'm a fanatic.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What a way to end the week..

When I got home Friday night after work I had a package. I thought it was a purchase that I had made online, but to my surprise it was this beautiful yellow scarf that I won. I didn't even know I had won it but I'm so happy that I did! Its very warm and comfortable and the bright yellow is a huge plus (the pictures don't do the yellow justice though)! I can't wait to wear the mess out of it!

My Friday turned out to be fantastic! Between this and my grocery deals that I will be posting tomorrow I had a great end to my week!!

Fashionably Yours~

(Necklace: JoAnn Fabrics, Shirt: Thrifted, Tank: H&M, Jeans: Bitten by SJP, Boots: F21, Watch: Target)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I for sure thought this outfit was gonna look dowdy. I guess adding the belt helped rein in some of the drapeyness of this outfit. All in all it turned out to be quite a look that I loved. Some days are just full of surprises.

Any good weekend plans? I'm just gonna be resting away..

Fashionably Yours~

(Sweater: ??, Dress: H&M, Belt & Watch: Target, Necklace: F21, Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've been gone for too long now it's time to bring it back..

Ok so as I had predicted Wednesday was much better outfit wise and mood wise. I think maybe it was the promise of my day ending with pizza and movies. That usually tends to lift my spirits.

The faux fur collar has done it again! Turned an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. It's taking everything in me to not put it on top of every shirt that I own. Fur does really make everything seem special. So now I'm on the hunt for a tan/brown fur vest for cheap. Faux fur all the way!

Fashionably Yours~


The song title refers to this song! My new favorite song at this time!

(Fur Collar: H&M, Sweater: Dots, Skirt: Thrifted, Socks: Target, Boots: Dots, Ring: F21)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just a quick side note

So in an effort to always be honest with you guys here it goes. I can't stand my weardrobe pictures from this week so far. I don't know if i'm just in a mood or if they just aren't great pictures. The outfits themselves haven't been bad but they just aren't photographing right. I could blame it on the time change but quite frankly I think its just one of those weeks. I may or may not post them later tonight but I just wanted to give you a heads up. I haven't forgotten about my outfits or you the readers (are you reading this? anyone?). Its just been a yucky two days so far. Let's hope the middle of the week promises a turn around for me.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

This is actually my "week end" outfit so it's only fitting that I post it at the end of my weekend! I don't dress myself on the weekends. So yea you've guessed it..i run errands naked. It does get pretty cold in the winter but its a tradition i stand by. Strange looks aside its pretty liberating and my laundry pile stays relatively small.

Most of my weekend was spent running errands and enjoying being home. Nothing special, after all..I'm married now.

Fashionably Yours~

*I don't actually go out naked..although it has crossed my mind. I do wear clothes, I just don't have time to take pictures or i forget. Oh and marriage is never boring but sometimes my life is.

(Scarf: H&M, Sweatshirt: Old Navy, Tank: Papaya, Jeans: Thrifted, Boots: Dear by Amanda Bynes, Ring: F21)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Hiatus Shmatus

I feel like i've been on a long hiatus from you guys. Between vacation time and getting back to work this week I feel like i've got 20 million things to do and no time to do them. When actually I don't have that much to do (other than the normal things) and its just me being lazy. I'm hoping you can overlook the lazy part and give me a pass. I promise I'll try better next time.

This is actually Wednesday November 3rd's outfit. Yesterday's was a thrown on a pants and shirt day and I didn't get pictures. So he we are with Wednesday's outfit. I will have today's for you tomorrow. Confused yet? Let me recap: Wednesday outfit, check! Thursday outfit, no way! Friday Outfit, check check!!

Fashionably Yours~

(Vest: Thrifted, Dress: Target, Leggings: F21, Boots: ??)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss Me?

Hey guys, miss me much? If you hadn't noticed by these pictures my hair is shorter now. I was inspired by Rashida Jones' pictorial in November's Lucky magazine. After seeing that pictorial i've been dying to cut my hair shorter. So Friday morning, BEFORE WORK, I cut my hair. I must have been crazy because who has time to cut their hair before work?! I did it though, and I'm quite happy with it. It's exactly what my thin wavy hair called for.

I'm off work today and tomorrow just enjoying a long weekend with my husband. Tomorrow is his birthday so we are just gonna spend some quality time together resting and enjoy our life together.

Fashionably Yours~

(Jacket: Charlotte Russe, Shirt: Old Navy, Necklace: F21, Purse: Thrifted, Shorts: ??, Leggings: F21, Boots: Wal-Mart)