Thursday, November 11, 2010

I've been gone for too long now it's time to bring it back..

Ok so as I had predicted Wednesday was much better outfit wise and mood wise. I think maybe it was the promise of my day ending with pizza and movies. That usually tends to lift my spirits.

The faux fur collar has done it again! Turned an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary. It's taking everything in me to not put it on top of every shirt that I own. Fur does really make everything seem special. So now I'm on the hunt for a tan/brown fur vest for cheap. Faux fur all the way!

Fashionably Yours~


The song title refers to this song! My new favorite song at this time!

(Fur Collar: H&M, Sweater: Dots, Skirt: Thrifted, Socks: Target, Boots: Dots, Ring: F21)

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  1. Very pretty and flattering-looking outfit! I'm just curious if you're wearing a single pair of socks with multiple colors or one pair over another.