Monday, July 11, 2011

Service Interruption

(Photo Credit: Google)

Life has taken some unexpected turns for myself and my family lately. So until I can grab some solid footing and figure out what the next move should be, posting will be sparatic at best around here. I hope you will understand and keep my family in your prayers while we search for the next move! Have a blessed day!

Fashionably Yours~

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Skunk or Cat?

See those lovely bushes behind me? There was a cat playing in them and my husband convinced my imagination that there was a skunk in there. But nope it was a little kitty cat. And yet the whole time we were taking these pictures I was still convinced it was a skunk or maybe an angry cat. Isn't it fun when you can scare yourself?

Fashionably Yours~

(Cardigan: Old Navy, Dress: H&M, Shoes: Kmart, Socks: Target)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Never too old to learn..

Thanks to my lovely friend (you know who you are ;)) I came across this website called Stuff No One Told Me. Its just pure genius. Filled with humor, wit, & sarcasm, I couldn't resist showing you some of my favorite comics from the site. If you love it it as much as I do, spread the word and maybe even buy something. It just goes to show that you are never too old to learn and there are always things that no one tells you!

Happy Monday!

Fashionably Yours ~

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Days ago..

So this isn't exactly what I wore yesterday for casual Friday. Instead this is what I wore for normal work wear Wednesday. And in fact, I think I'm gonna patent that phrase "Work wear Wednesday". Do you make money off patents or do you have to pay for them? This will only go through if I can make some money off of it. Actually that's how most of my transactions in life go through. Selfish I know but I'm working it out..

So so ready for the weekend...let the countdown begin!

Fashionably Yours~

(Vest & Shoes: Thrifted, Dress: Old Navy, Necklace & Leggings: F21, Watch: Target)

Friday, June 24, 2011


Yesterday I was running late and decided at the last minute to participate in this girl's white out challenge. To be honest with you, I have never ever put two solid colors together, much less white. It was new territory for me. Unlike this woman who only wears white, color is my friend and I usually wear lots of it at the same time. BUT, this was a nice change and it actually made getting dressed so much easier. I may have to try this more often...

Fashionably Yours~

(Scarf: Target, Top: Express, Skirt: ??, Shoes: ??, Ring: F21)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Seems like not blogging for days has rendered me speechless. Here it's cloudy & rainy and all I want to do is cuddle up on the couch with my book. Since that's not gonna be happening I guess I must get dressed and go to work. So to insert some sun into my day, I wore some bright colors. It worked..sort of.

Fashionably Yours~

(Shirt & Skirt: Thrifted, Watch: Target, Socks: Meijer, Shoes & Rings: F21)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Buying in bulk

So I read recently in a magazine that when women love a certain clothing item we buy them in every color. Is this true for you? I sure do know it is for me. I love this shirt and when I bought it I didn't see it in any other colors. BUT, while shopping the other day I saw it in green and black as well. I can not wait to go back and get them in the other colors..

Fashionably Yours~

(Shirt & Watch: Target, Tank: H&M, Leggings: F21, Shoes: Dots)

Crossing Paths

It's one of those wonky (my new favorite word) weeks where the schedule between me and my photographer a.k.a the husband don't match up. That's the reason why I'm just now getting to putting up an outfit post. Hopefully next week will be less wonky..

Fashionably Yours~

(Top: Thrifted, Tank: Papaya, Pants: Target, Shoes: DSW)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Neon Lights

So here's my thought, my camera does not like picking up the bright colors of my apparel. It's a great camera mind you and I'm physched that I got it (my husband surprised me with it as a nice random gift). BUT it just doesn't like bright colors. So you will not understand how bright these socks I was wearing are. Just imagine the brightest neon yellow you have ever seen and know that's how bright they are!

Nonetheless it is now Friday and I'm ready for the weekend. Again I have no great plans layed out, so let me live vicariously through you..tell me what are you up to this weekend?

Fashionably Yours~

(Necklace: Self-made, Tunic: ??, Leggings: F21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Watch: Target, Ring: F21)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Secret Keeper

So I have a little secret to tell you all, this shirt is reversible. Do you guys remember when the 4-colored camisoles were a staple for every working woman? Well this is one of those shirts from a past life. I saw it at the thrift store and just knew that I had to have it. Blue on the front and grey on the back. It has a nice little kitsch factor when you don't wear a blazer over it. I can't get enough of it and I can't wait for you guys to see some more of it (it also consists of tan and hunter green). Now that my secret is out, can you honestly say you wouldn't buy a 4-in-1 shirt for just a few bucks?! Smart shopping my friends, smart shopping..

Fashionably Yours~

(Tank: Thrifted, Necklace: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: F21, Watch: Target)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

She fell into a well..

Laughter at 7 a.m. is only due to one thing, the heels of my shoes digging into the dirt and almost making me fall on my toosh. Luckily I never did and was able to re-gain my footing. The bad news is, I could never be a model. I can't keep a straight face while falling. Ahh well, one dream shattered, millions to go..

Fashionably Yours~

(Tank, Watch, & Sunglasses: Target, Leggings & Jacket: F21, Shoes: Kohls, Necklace: Freecycle)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Camo Gear..

Another great find from my thrift store jaunts...a green pair of J. Crew Pants. Love them! You can be jealous, it's ok.

You may not be able to tell but my hair is darker now. At first I hated it but its starting to grow on me. Its a dark brown with reddish tints. I will get another pictured uploaded for you to see how it really looks in horrible lighting...

Fashionably Yours~

(Tank & Watch: Target, Pants: Thrifted, Shoes: Charlotte Russe)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Muffin Top

So here's a question for you to ponder a muffin top really a muffin top if you can't see it? No, I don't mean the muffins that you can eat. I'm talking about that little roll of fat that hangs over your pants and reminds you that its time to get back to the gym. Or buy bigger pants. Either way, if you hide it (i.e. wear a bigger shirt, or vest) is it really considered a muffin top? I personally don't think so but that's only because I love these jeans so much that I'm not ready to give up on them. I got them at the thrift store for $4 and they are brand new Calvin Klein Jeans. Never. Been. Worn. I know you would be trying to squeeze in them too..don't lie. So I guess for me, it's back to stomach crunches and salads. All in the name of good fashion..

Fashionably Yours~

(Vest: Urban Behavior, Ring: F21, Shirt & Watch: Target, Jeans & Sunglasses: Thrifted, Shoes: Guess)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

2 Words

This is all I have for today: Happy Thursday.

I feel ick.

Fashionably Yours~

(Vest, Tank, & Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Kohls, Necklace: Gift, Watch: Target)

Monday, May 30, 2011

Much Thanks!

Happy Memorial Day everyone. I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You to all who serve our country so selflessly. It makes me glad to know that there are men and women out there still fighting for our country everyday. I may not be as strong as they are but I can definitely appreciate what they do everyday for all of us. So Thank You! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

On another note, since I have this lovely day off I'm off to the Salvation Army to do some serious thrifting. 50% off all that's what I call a deal!

Fashionably Yours~

(Jacket: Thrifted, Tank: Wal-Mart, Jeans: F21, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Watch: Target)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Praying for the sun

Not much to say today except have a great weekend everyone. If you are lucky like me you get a nice 4 day weekend! Can't wait..

Oh and I've been stalking someone lately. Rather something.. like this cute necklace and these fantastic shoes! I'm praying the prices go down some more before they are sold out. Either that or I can come into some money soon.

Fashionably Yours~

(Necklace: Gift from Hubs, Bracelet & Watch: Target, Ring: F21, Top: Thrifted, Cardigan: HMD, Skirt: ???, Shoes: F21 )

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Love Letters..

The final show of Oprah was bittersweet and as I sat watching it (on my dvr of course) I felt I was a part of history. I honestly think it was probably one of her best shows because of her honesty and openness with the audience. Here are the lessons that I take away from it all..

You by yourself are enough. The only people who can make you complete are you and God! Remember that. No one can live your life for you. So take responsibility for your life and how you live it. Lastly, find your passion. Even if you never make money or have a career stemming from your passion, find it and live it.

So what lessons have you learned?

Fashionably Yours~

(Necklace: Made by me, Top: Thrifted, Tank: HMD, Pants: Urban Behavior, Shoes: Rue 21, Ring: F21, Watch: Target)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


So have any of you watched the Oprah specials? Well I did, and I cried. Yep you heard me right. I teared up and I don't care what you think. The tributes that were made were so sweet. I'm also taping her last episode ever. It most definitely is the end of an era. I would not want to be the person who has to fill her time slot on the TV network. No sirree.

Alright let's take a vote now, do you like the inside picture better or the outside pictures better? The inside pictures actually happened because you couldn't really see the details of my outfit outside. It was really more of necessity then me just trying to be cute. Because I already am. Just kidding. Nope I'm not.

Fashionably Yours~

(Scarf Necklace: Made by me, Watch & Top: Target, Tank: Papaya, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Charlotte Russe)