Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Shopping Specials

Let me start by saying that these specials happened on Good Friday. Nonetheless deals are always good!! Even though I do feel bad about spending so much money I do enjoy every piece that I got. I can't to wear all of it and remix it in to my current weardrobe.

I also must say i've been craving some oxford shoes. I've waited for months because I couldn't find the exact ones that I wanted at a decent price. I didn't want boring but instead wanted either white ones or black or brown with some edge. I found them!! So so excited!!! I love these patent leather ones with the cut outs. I also gave them some more edge by switching out the shoe laces with some white ones. So now they are exactly what I wanted and guess what? I only paid....wait for it...$7.49!! I was so excited.. the price tag said on clearance for $14.99 and when I got to the register it was another 50% off!! SO So happy! Time for the happy dance!

I got some other great stuff as you can see and i'm excited about it all. Bring on the warmer weather!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Fashionably Yours!

Purple and grey cardigans from Papaya for $5.99 ea.
Floral shirt from Marshalls for $9.99

Tank tops for $3.99 ea at Papaya

Floral dress from the Garden Collection at H&M for $17.99
(Btw, i love that its made out of Organic Cotton!)

Striped maxi dress from H&M for $12.99

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  1. Those are some great finds! I can imagine a lot of great spring outfits based around these pieces. I love the striped maxi dress - it's an especially Bold piece :)