Thursday, April 15, 2010

Big Big News!!

No no, I am not pregnant!! Not yet! I did give birth to an idea shoes!! I noticed while reading Lucky magazine that Vince Camuto was having a shoe design contest and I decided to jump!! Today is the day the voting starts!!

This is my shoe (above). I'm very proud of it and I hope it wins! But here is where I need you! Yes you! I need you to help me by voting on my shoe so it makes it into the top 10. Tell your brother, your aunt, uncle, best friend's momma..tell everyone you know to vote for this shoe as well. It looks like its one entry per day per person. But you have a month (until May 15) to keep voting. Here are the details:
Go to page 16 and the top left is my shoe. It will have my name (Jennifer Thompson) and my city (Pontiac, MI) underneath the picture.
Click vote
Enter your email address're done and your vote was submitted!!
Thanks guys for all of your support. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!
Fashionably Yours!


  1. Ive been told its on Page 1 now. It moves up depnding on the votes! Thanks

  2. I just voted - It is on page 1 and looks like it's gotten the most so far! I like your design