Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bunches of grapes!

Good morning everyone!! I hope you are all having a lovely day so far. Here today its rainy and dark and I once again have a headache. I'm staying positive though that things will turn around soon.

As you all know, i've started working out recently. Just after my first trip to the gym, i started getting this cough and when I would laugh I would wheeze a little. Oh and if you are wondering, no I don't smoke, never have!! My husband said its because my lungs are getting bigger and expanding a bit. Well its been a week now and I still have this cough. The thing is, I don't have any other virus type of symptoms (i.e. running nose, congestion, ears plugged up). So last night I happened to be talking to my cousin on the phone and she said I sounded sick, so I told her what happened. She said it sounds like exercise-induced asthma. She said when she first started working out the same thing happened to her. She said her lungs would be on fire while working out, she would turn all red in the face, and she would have a hard time breathing. Well I guess her and my other cousin have the same thing. She said she now has an inhaler and does 2 pumps of her inhaler before going into the gym. She doesn't have asthma otherwise. So last night I googled it, and its real! I definetly do have a lot of the symptoms so I'm thinking I might need to make a doctors appointment. Have any of you experienced this?

Fashionably Yours!!

The outfit today was just a simple pull from my closet. Nothing special...sorry :(

Scarf: Bitten by SJP
Tank: Charlotte Russe
Drapey Cardigan: Papaya
Pants: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Target
Purple ring: For love 21

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