Friday, April 2, 2010

Random thought Thursday

Yes yes I know it Friday but I forgot about random thought Thursday. Oops! So here it is, does anyone else feel as bad as me after going shopping knowing you should be saving that money? I always feel fine when I'm shopping but the minute I get done I start getting depressed. Today I got some great stuff that I know I will wear often and remix just as often. I even got most of it for really good prices, but now I feel bad. Maybe its time to be a grown up and start saving and stop spending. *sigh*

So I'm gonna do just that!! I have to get my high from some other activity other than shopping!! I'm not gonna make rules just yet because I don't want to break any promises. So I agree to do my best and to be diligent in saving my pennies!! I must do this for muy future and the future of my family!!

Sorry if thisn't upbeat but I just wanted to share my true feelings!! The last thing I ever want to be is fake!! Thanks for listening!! Tomorrow will be different!

Enjoy the rest of your good Friday!! I will post tomorrow with some pretty pictures for you to oggle at!!

Fashionably yours!!

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