Monday, April 19, 2010

See what had happened was...

Here's the deal folks, 1. It was ealier than normal and 2. It wasn't that bright outside yet. To what am I referring you ask? The state of these pictures. We had to leave the house by 7 am today so one I had to pose fast (which I don't do well) and second it was early. So i'm showing you all the pictures even though only 1 really turned out well.

This weekend during date night we had some time to go into Wal-Mart. I don't shop there often but it was really the only good place to shop for a couple minutes (by a couple I mean 45...and I can do damage in 45 minutes). Anyways I found these clogs for $11!! I wasn't sure about them at first but I thought there had to be a way I could rock them! So I thought I would try it out today. The actually look cute with a short skirt or maybe some shorts when it gets warm enough. Oh and I got 2 pairs of shorts and a pair of pants, each for $3. I also got some snacks for the movie we were going to see, so my total came out to $25. Not bad I say, Not bad!!

Oh and in case you were wondering we went and saw Date Night on date night. Ironic, huh? Not really. It was actually pretty funny!! Of course, you have to like that kind of sarcastic humor..which I do! The cast did a great job!! was your weekend?

Fashionably Yours!

Vest: Old Navy
Shirt: Bitten by SJP
Watch: Target
Skirt: Thrifted
Clogs: Wal-Mart
Necklace and Rings: For Love 21 and Lia Sophia


  1. Love the clogs. Glad you gave them a try!

  2. Love the skirt, and what a deal on the clogs! gotta love wally world :)