Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"If you're a bird then I'm a bird.."

Name that movie line...*jeopardy music plays*. Anyone got a good guess?? The Notebook!! You are correct! Tell them what they've won Alex! The right to enjoy your Wednesday!! ha ha.

I look like a wind up toy in the first picture. I was going for a new pose and thats what it was, too bad I feel like I need to be wound up...dumb rain headaches!! Lets hope it goes away soon!!

Nothing too special about this outfit today except for the new pink tank top and the scarf that was cut off the bottom of my dress. Other than that, its just another boring work day outfit. That's all i've got folks!!

Fashionably Yours!!

In case you didn't know I actually do have an obsession with birds and birdcages. So on certain days I do wish I was a bird...just thought you should know!

Necklace: Jo-Ann Fabrics
Scarf: Trimmed off the bottom of a dress
Cardigan: Hand me down from cousin
Tank: Papaya
Khakis: Thrifted
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
Watch: Target

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