Friday, April 16, 2010

Its Friday, Its Friday, Its Friday!!

Man on man am I glad that its Friday. This has been one long week. Yes, I know my work day isn't over yet but don't be cruel!! I'm so ready for the weekend, especially after my morning.

It all started while putting my jeans on...THEY DIDN'T FIT!! Couldn't even button them. Now let me say this, I have been watching what I eat and excersising and I promise you I haven't gained a ton of weight. So why oh why do my jeans not fit? And since i'm trying to save money its not like I can really go out and buy new ones. So as a quick solution to my (hopefully) temporary problem I decided to wear my husband's jeans! He hates it but..too bad! I also didn't feel like boring you with my jeggings again!! I've worn these jeans before and when I put them on with my outfit my first thought is they suck, but then I end up liking the way the outfit looks. This one is the same way.

So does anyone have any exciting weekend plans? I wish I did...

***Don't forget to go and vote for my shoe today too!!

Fashionably Yours!

Jacket: ??? I don't remember
Tee: Thrifted
Jeans: Borrowed from the hubs
Watch: Target
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Belt: Target
Rings: For Love 21 & Lia Sophia

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