Sunday, July 4, 2010

These colors don't run!!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I'm so glad that we have the freedom and the liberty that comes with being an American Citizen. Also, I would like to thank those who have or are currently fighting for our freedom. You and your families' service and sacrifice is something I am more than grateful for. I have family that served our country and I know many friend have and had as well! Thank you all for what you do! Happy Birthday America.

Yesterday was my celebratory day. Since my parents live on a lake their fireworks are seen on the lake from the boat. It's in my opinion the only real way to see them anymore. Quite frankly, I was superbly impressed last night with the fireworks show. So the outfit below was worn yesterday for running errands, thrift shopping, & partying. My goal was to stay cool and block out some of the hot sun. Oh and look cool all at the same time!

Fashionably Yours

**On a sidenote, since i'm not afraid to brag about discounts. When I went to the thrift store yesterday they still had their green tag items 5 for $5. I got 10 items plus 3 additional shirts. So my total should have been around $17. I paid $12, all because the lady forgot to ring up my 5 items. GO ME!!

Hat: H&M (and borrowed from the hubs)
Green Tank: Bitten by SJP
Shorts: Thrifted
Bag: Target
Shoes: For Love 21


  1. I love those sandals, and your discount sounds incredible!