Thursday, July 29, 2010

Give him an inch and he'll take a mile

This was actually my outfit from yesterday. I wasn't really wanting to wear this kind of outfit but now that I see the picture it turns out it was alright.

As you know from my previous post from yesterday you know that I went and saw Dinner with Schmucks. What you didn't know is that I also got a free dinner at Olga's. So basically we had a great date night without spending any money. That has never happened before and I'm so glad we got to experience it. Now if only we could get it to happen that way more often..

So today I'm grateful for my overall health. I do have some health problems here and there but nothing serious and I'm so glad for that. I'm just so lucky that I don't have to pop pills for my many diseases. What are you grateful for?

Fashionably Yours!

Scarf: For love 21
Tank: Thrifted
Pants: Thrifted
Watch: Target

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