Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fashion Inspiration Blockbuster style!

Does anyone ever watch movies for fashion and interior design inspiration? Well I do and I'm not ashamed. I actually sometimes have cravings to watch certain movies. Here are some of my current favorite movies for some fashion inspiration. I'll even tell you why..

...I am so inspired by these movies at the moment!

13 Going on 30: Some great Madonna-esque and perfect 80's moments. Plus who doesn't want to have the closet of Jennifer Garner's character. The weardrobe is eclectic and bold but pretty and girly all that the same time!!

Just My Luck: Even though she may be tormented i have a thing for Lindsay Lohan movies and her red hair. In the movie when her luck changes so does her look. Also, who doesn't love quirky roomates?!?

The Time Traveler's Wife: I'm a big fan of Rachael McAdams. The storyline for this movie is fantastic and the book is divine! Read before you watch though! Seriously! Her character has a very 90's baggie sense of fashion but it works well!!

Love and Other Diasters: You probably wonder what this is doing here since it was never really big and I don't remember even seeing movie trailers for it but I'm glad I ran across it! Brittany Murphy's character mimicks an Audrey Hepburn fashion sense in the movie. Great inspiration for simplistic fashion and anyone who loves leggings!

Uptown Girls: Another Brittany Murphy movie, may she rest in peace. As free-spirited as her character is so is her clothing. Light and airy outfits and great jean overalls. Many inspired outfits for hot summer days. Also, i'm quite in love with her pet pig and her ability to turn Home Depot objects into hair accessories!

Suburban Girl: Also a great movie you probably haven't heard of. Starring the talented Sarah Michelle Gellar and the hunky Alec Baldwin. Love the long layered hairstyle, and the only way i would have long hair again. Plus gorgeous effortless street style with flowy tops and skirts. Lastily, my one wish: a gorgeous and very eclectic decorated New York City Apartment. Those Purple walls don't scare me!!

So next time you wanna have a girls night, have your fashionista girlfriends over for a fashion filled, girly movie night. Then if you like you can thank me later!!

Fashionably Yours!

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