Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Musical Inspiration

She's confident, innovative, creative, fashion-forward, a mom, a wife, and a true woman. She's got the voice of a well-trained gospel singer and isn't afraid to be herself. She's changed her hair, her style, her music, and the industry. She is...Christina Aguilera!!

I have always enjoyed her music and as I get older I can definitely apItalicpreciate her honesty and candidness about personal topics. She's been a role model to many people. I love her fashion and her voice. IF you haven't got her new album you are missing out!! It's fun, upbeat, loud, and dance-worthy. I have no doubt that you will be singing along to Not Myself Tonight, I hate Boys, and Prima Donna. Also, there are cameos from her hubs and son. So get the album and be inspired by this beautiful woman!!

I'm quite jealous of her shoe collection as well!!

Fashionably Yours!!

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