Monday, March 1, 2010

Come out come out wherever you are!!

Spring has almost sprung folks!! The sun is finally starting to peek out know what that means right?! Spring is coming!! There is finally light at the end of the winter tunnel. I can hardly wait.

So how was everyone's weekend? I had a great time in Indiana with the family. Even came back with some goodies. My grandma bought for my wedding anniversary a hand held mixer. Yes I know its sad that I don't have one. But I do now!! My cousin also gave me some clothes that she can't wear anymore or she couldn't take back to the store. This shirt being one of them. Its actually a short sleeve shirt but I had to add the long sleeve one to make it weather appropriate.
The outfit seems bland to me but thats because this wasn't the outfit I orginally picked to wear. Some unfortunate events happened this mornin and it just didn't work. Well c'est la vie!! Happy Monday!!

Fashionably Yours!

Long sleeved tee: Hand me down from friend
Grey & white short sleeved tee: Hand me down from my cousin
Scar: Target
Necklace: JoAnn Fabrics
Pants: Charlotte Russe
Boots: ??? I've had them for a while

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