Thursday, March 4, 2010

Imma be, Imma be...Living that good life!!

Sorry guys if I seem completely un-creative lately. I don't know what it is, maybe i'm not finding any inspiration lately or what! The blog title is a Black Eyed Peas song that I just heard on my way into work and now its stuck in my head. See?...Un-creative!! Hopefully my Lucky Magazine will come today and I will get some inspiration from that. Oooohh guess what? I'm dying my hair Auburn brown tonight!! I'm so excited, hopefully it will turn out better this time.

Another shorts with boots look!! Are you tired of it yet?! I'm not! Unfortunately because of the lighting and the picture you can't really see my boots, you've seen them before I promise. So you aren't missing out on much. If you are dying to see what they are...let me know and i will point you to my flickr post for...1/4 & 1/16/10. Hope that helps!! Well guys have a wonderful day and don't be shy, drop me a note and say hi!!

Fashionably Yours!

Sweater: Dots
Necklace: Freecycle
Shorts: H&M
Tights: For love 21
Boots: Steve Madden

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  1. I was going to say I'm jealous if its warm enough for shorts where you are, but I think we're both the type to wear them no matter the weather :)

    Either way, I think its a great outfit! Can't go wrong with simple and classic - I've been doing the same all week