Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just when you think you will never smile again, life comes back!!

So this week has been a little weird for me. For some reason i'm feeling a lil self-conscious about myself and my weardrobe. So sorry about yesterday's foul mood. Its weird because even when I hate my outfit or don't like the way things turned out, other people find inspiration in it or love it. It definitely makes me realize that I'm super hard on myself when I shouldn't be. It also makes me realize how much I'm glad that I'm part of a blog community of such caring wonderful people. I will never regret the day I built my blog or even joined flickr. Thanks so much guys for all of your love and support!! You all mean the world to me, even if you are miles away!

On the outfit note, I joined a cool flickr group started by Beck and I'm trying to see if I can do a lot of the challenges. I'm thinking that by doing the challenges I can get out of these outfit funks and start to love my weardrobe again. Today I'm doing rock an offbeat accessory. So i'm rocking my headband and my zipper boots!! Well off to enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the window..

Fashionably Yours!

Dress: Dots
Jacket: Target
Necklace: Freecycle
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Watch: Target
Headband: Made by me


  1. love it, so perfect

  2. i like how the dress contrasts with the boots

  3. I finally found your blog! Yah! I really dig your style sense!!!! I find myself wanting to copy all your outfits! I am now following your blog!