Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I've got the blues over you!!

So first of, let me give my props to Becks for giving me the heads up that Target had great pajama shirts on clearance!! Friday I couldn't wait to go and scoop some up for myself. This shirt/dress being one of them!! I love it!!

Since its only going to be high 50's today I decided I had to wear some kind of socks, or in my case leg-warmers!! I also mentioned in a previous post how much I was wanting to wear these shoes again.. I've missed them. So with those things said, i bring you today's outfit!!

Oh and stayed tuned tomorrow for a special feature!!

Fashionably Yours

Shirt Dress: Target
Necklace: Target
Anchor Necklace: For love 21
Leg Warmer (which are actually grey): Target
Shoes: Burlington Coat Factory
The outtake for today is brought to you by my cereal snack last night. After eating it I put it to the side and my husband noticed it had a happy face!! Thats how I looked after I ate it..


  1. Super cute! They didn't have this print when I got mine or I might've scooped it up myself - looks great on you!

  2. Thanks!! I saw your pink one too but it was too small for me otherwise I would have gotten that one too!!

  3. I am loving your leg warmers and open toe shoes! Cute!