Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inspiration Souce: Spring!!

This week's inspiration comes from SPRING!! It's definetly nice to feel the warm sunshine on your face and smell the fresh air after long months of being coupped up in a dusty house!! I can't wait to wear sandals with newly pedicured toes, sitting on my porch and reading a good book, and sleep with the windows open and the night air blowing in!! I'm ready ready ready!! Spring please come soon!! So I thought I would give you some eye candy and things I'm looking foward too!!
1. I can't wait to paint my nails pretty colorful colors like the purple above!!

2. Can't wait to have some fresh flowers around the house!!

3. Now this is just cool, branches with colorful felt on them. I may have to try this at home soon!!

4. Ooooh what I would give to have a kitchen like this!! Nothing like making breakfast in a bright kitchen on a wonderful spring day!!

5. Wood Stumps as stools!! Love love love, i've been trying to do this forever!! Maybe its time I make some for my porch this summer!!

6. So excited to wear my imiataion Balenciaga shoes again!!

7. The perfect stool to brighten any room!!
Photo Credits: Google, Apartment Therapy

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