Monday, February 22, 2010

Some things just look better in pictures!!

My outfit looks a lot more blue because of the wondeful blue winter light. Since we got pounded with more snow today we had to take my weardrobe picture after work instead of before work. I bought this dress and after wearing it have decided thats its a little too big. I wasn't feeling the outfit and almost wasn't going to do a weardrobe post. The thing that changed my mind was the fact that I had to see exactly what was wrong or right with the outfit. So I did! And after looking at the pictures I've decided....I like this outfit!! Yah for trial and error!!

Fashionably Yours!!

Headband: I have no idea
White Long Sleeved Tee: Old Navy
Dress: American Eagle
Vest: Target
Necklaces: Freecycle
Leggings: For Love 21
Boots: Steve Madden

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