Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bold: Shorts to the office?!

Its almost Friday! I can hardly wait! So this morning I decided I was too lazy to straighten my hair, so you now get to see the wavy frizzy mop I call my hair! I do put some curl enhancer in it and hairspray to make it less frizzy but sometimes my hair just rebels. I'm also hiding my face because i've decided to skip some make up too! My skin has definetly been having some issues lately and I desperatly need to get to a dermatologist. So since my skin is really rebelling today i'm giving it a break!

Well enough complaining, on to the outfit! I wanted to wear my work shorts again today and I haven't been able to wear these tan ones yet. I figured if I wore it with a nice button down and the long cardigan that it would look more business appropriate. I got this shirt at a thrift store and I love it. I just never seem to wear it enough though, maybe its because its a little tight in the shoulders...hmm. My husband really liked this outfit today. He normally doesn't say anything but he said i was wearing a sexy outfit today!! So I must have done good!! Well all, its time to get going with my day!

Fashionably Yours!

Button-Down: Thrifted
Cardigan: Target
Shorts: H&M
Leggings (they are brown not black): Charlotte Russe
Boots: Skechers
Necklace and ring (which you can hardly see): For Love 21

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