Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lucky girl...on a budget!

Its hump day!! I don't really know what that means but I figured I should at least say it once. Since I won't be getting dressed to go out until later I thought I would post the pictures of the things that I got for Valentines day, while shopping on Friday, and the items I got at the thrift store yesterday.

The rings are all Valentines/Anniversary presents from my hubby. They are all Lia Sophia rings and I absolutely love them. The one on the left is an everyday ring to wear on my right hand and lately I've even been wearing the blue one on the far right everyday too! I just love them!! The beautiful ring in the middle is a CZ and will be my stand in wedding ring while my husband gets my wedding rings re-dipped! I know some don't like big wedding rings but I'm not one of them!! I'm very much a fan of big bling. The lady at Zales said i'm a 10 table and I lie!!

Here is a top picture of them. *Sigh*...i'm in love!!

The new jean leggings from H&M.
The old school Liz Claiborne purse from the thrift store yesterday.
The hat was an anniversary present for the hubs, its from H&M.
My $3 moccasins from American Eagle!!

My great new Jean dress from American Eagle.
Pink and tan shorts are from the thrift store.
Yellow Jacket is from the thrift store as well.

Tan and white shorts from Thrift Store
Yellow jacket and grey sweatshirt jackets both from the thrift store as well.

Tan vest is from the thrift store as well!!
You've already seen the Jean shirt I got from American Eagle. Also, the grey and pink dress from Charlotte Russe! I'm one lucky girl, i know!!
Weardrobe post to come later. Have a great day!!
Fashionably Yours!!

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