Thursday, May 6, 2010

My chick bad! My chick hood!

So I was talking with my husband today about..body image (ironically). It all started because we were both too tired to go to the gym. We try to go every other day or at least 3 times a week. Since this week has been so hectic for me at work I just wasn't feeling up to it and neither was he. Well I kind of feel bad that I didn't go work out. I'm always wishing for things on my body to change or having my own self-image issues. As women I feel like we are always trying to measure ourselves up to a certain model or image that may not be right for us. What I wanna know though is when do we start loving ourselves for who and what we are at the poing in life. I'm very lucky to have a man who loves me regardless and tells me how beautiful I am everyday but when do I start telling myself that everyday? Do you ever feel this way? What are your own body image issues?

A lady that works in the building where my office is said that my outfit was very bright today. I couldn't agree more! I loved everything about it. It seemed very spring-like and very hip all at the same time. The socks with the shoes actually helped my shoes not hurt my feet so bad. I might just be wearing these shoes more often with different colors socks. Now onto some tv watching, couch potato vegetative state..addios!

Fashionably Yours!

Turtleneck: Christmas Gift (5-7-9)
Dress: H&M Garden Collection
Necklace: For love 21
Socks: Target
Shoes: 5-7-9
Rings: Lia Sophia and Self-made

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  1. i LOVE,LOVE,LOVE THIS DRESS !!!Sorry for the caps :) and the shoes look great with it. perfection!