Monday, May 3, 2010

Just call me Hulk!

So since i've been working out my muscles have been getting larger. Thats all fine and good but there are certain shirts that just don't cut it anymore. One wrong move and I bust out of them like the Hulk. I'm not full of myself and by no means do I think my muscles are all that big, and I'll even be fair and say the shirts were a little tight to start with..but I feel like the Hulk! Its amazing to me in a short amount of time i've already built some pretty great muscle.

I decided to show some leg today since it was gonna be in the high 70's. Since i haven't worn this dress in a little bit I decided to bring it out. The sweater vest was just a fun add-on to the outfit. Since the skirt is a little short i had to wear flats. I thought heels would have been a little too much. Its funny that the look turned out to be a little school-girl-ish.

Fashionably Yours!

Dress: Thrifted
Vest: ??
Necklace: For Love 21
Watch: Target
Shoes: Rue 21


  1. i don't know what a kind of school girl your thinking about about because a school girl would never have a dress above her knees

  2. I can't stop looking at those shoes... so cute!