Sunday, May 2, 2010

Holy Camera Batman!!

So here are the new outfit pictures taken with my new camera. Oh and all of you who use self-timers...congratulations on not wanting to beat your camera up. Mine doesn't have a remote so I have to adjust it so when it finds a face I only have 2 seconds to pose. Its sounds easy but its not especially when you don't really have it set at the right height. Its annoying but I'm gonna make my husband play around with it with me today to get the hang of it. So when he's not able to take my picture I can just take my own. I'll get used to it soon but for now i'm just excited to have this great camera that has awesome picture quality.

This is what I wore yesterday to go shopping with my mom and my sister. I ended up getting new sandals courtesy of my mom that I put on pretty quick. Mainly because I about fell out on the floor at Old Navy. Dang slick floors...about broke my neck and ankle. Ahhh well. Thanks mom for the great shoes though!! Love them and YOU! It was kind of hot yetsterday because of the horrible humidity so I changed my clothes a couple of times before walking out in this. I'm just glad that it wasn't raining the whole day like the weathermen said.

Fashionably Yours!!

Bag: Target
Scarf: Target
Shirt: Meijer (it says: Organic Fanatic)
Shorts: Cut-offs from Old jeans
Shoes: Rue 21


  1. self timer can be annoying at times, so now i just give a big cheesy grin

  2. self-timer is tricky, but with practice, you will be able to smile every 12 seconds without even thinking about it. Sometimes I find myself doing it for no reason, like in the line at the grocery. I get alot of weird looks sometimes ;)

  3. The new camera looks like its working pretty well! I dont have a remote either and I agree, the timer is a pain.
    I love Old Navy but their concrete floors were a bit of a FAIL on the designers part