Monday, May 24, 2010

I am who I am, even if I don't feel like myself right now!

I am so excited that its sunny out today BUT did I mention how HOTT it is outside! This thing called humidity sucks! It makes it feel a lot hotter than it is. I'm not complaining though, I'm really really not. Just saying is all...

So the weekend was AMAZING!! I got to rest, spend some time with the hubby, play some games, and even worked out and did some chores. The unfortunate part is last night I got a headache that just wouldn't go away. I think I was a little de-hydrated, but I because I had the headache I just wanted to go to bed and I didn't get to pick an outfit out. SO to make my Monday morning simple I decided to keep it simple and easy. I also had to keep it cool since it was gonna be really hot outside today. I don't know how I'm gonna be able to keep my creative juices flowing for nice outfits this summer when its so gosh darn hot. All I wanna wear is shorts, a tank top, and flip-flops!! Any objections to just seeing that on my blog all summer?? Speak now or forever hold your peace!!

Fashionably Yours!

T-Shirt: ???
Capris: Bitten by SJP
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Rings: Lia Sophia

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