Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The man behind MY camera (phone)!

So I've seen some other blogs doing an entry called man behind the camera. So I thought I would share with you all the man behind my camera (phone). Its my hubs!! He's been extremely patient about having to take a whole bunch of different pictures for me. Last night while taking my weardrobe picture for 1/11 he said "Let me take 3 pictures and then you can look at them instead of me having to show you and you asking for a different pic!". I am so grateful to him for doing this for me. I'm sure he doesn't quite understand but he knows I like to do it so he supports me 110%. I am beyond love for a man who supports me no matter what! Thanks James for taking my weardrobe pictures for me! You are awesome!
Now below is my outfit from yesterday! I was laughing at James so thats why I have such a funny face! I didn't realize either how bad the tunic looks with my hands in the pocket. Sorry guys! Also you can tell but i'm wearing grey legwarmers that peek out a little bit from the top of my boot! Oh well. Have a great day everyone!
Fashionably Yours,
Tunic: NY & Co
Leggings: NY & Co.
Boots: Charlotte Russe
Long-Sleeved Tee: Hand me down from a friend
Leg Warmers: Target
Necklace: Birthday gift from the hubs

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