Thursday, January 7, 2010

Elle Street Style

Another one of my street chic inspiration websites is Elle's Street Fashion! I love those with there own unique style and those who put there own twist on things! It definetly helps inspire me!

For example the lovely Oliva Palermo! So chic! Love the shorts and tights look! Very fashionably and on trend!

I just love this girl's leopard shoes! I've been seeing these for quite some time and still don't have a pair, but I'll keep dreaming! I love love them!

I really enjoy the layering of this outfit! So unexpected yet spectacular!

Who wouldn't love this outfit? The fur, the leather, the cotton! All a contradiction but they work perfectly together! So comfortable looking!

Look at all those cozy knits! Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I'm feeling warm already!

Hope you found some inspiration today too! Have a wonderful day!
Fashionably Yours,

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  1. I really love the mix of textures in the second to last photo! Perfect!