Thursday, September 23, 2010

Picnik Day

As you can see I've changed my blog a little bit. I wanted to get a header and was finally able to learn how. In the process of creating the header I came across the photo editing site Picnik. After playing around with it a little bit I was physched at all the little things I can do to my pictures. You'll see more of the edits that it can do in future blog posts. This edit is called 1960's. I love the way it makes my ordinary pictures look special.

For yesterday's outfit I thought I would do what I do best, stripes on stripes! It was supposed to be hot so I wasn't able to pull out the fall weardrobe fully today. So I figured this maxi dress would keep me warm enough in the cold office air.

Fashionably Yours

(Top: Thrifted, Dress: F21, Shoes: F21, Ring: F21, Necklace: Birthday gift)

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