Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mixologist Style: Part 1

Since Fall is now upon us I have decided to a couple of posts about Mixologists who inspire me. The first 2 parts are 2 woman in Hollywood who inspire me with the way they mix it up. The first is Jessica Alba and the second is Kate Hudson. The next 2 parts are real women who aren't celebrities in anyone's world but my own. So for the first installment here is why I think Jessica Alba has superb Mixologist style.

On the red carpet she always shines and looks very well put together and glamourous. Such a true hollywood starlet.

She always makes good use of her layers. Especially her hats and her scarves! I definitely can take notes on those style items. She knows how to properly wear her accessories in multiples without making them look like too much.

She knows how to be comfortable and stylish while on the go or running errands.

When a meeting pops up or an apperance she knows how to tailor her pieces apporpriately. While looking very business savy she still stays on trend and true to herself.

Whether girly in a jean skirt and heels or casual in jeans and leggings Jessica always remains a true mixologist. That is why she inspires me to pile it all on without thinking twice.

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