Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mixologist Style: Part 4

My next lady for the Mixologist Style shall be named "W". Not only to protect identity, but because I think it sounds wonderful. Anyways, I met this wonderful lady on Flickr when i'm sure that one day I came across her weardrobe pictures. Ever since that fateful day I've been excited to see how she puts together her outfits everyday. She has a complete knack for layering and giving herself some height (because lets face it..we all wanna be tall and skinny, even if we aren't). She also has an amazing shoe collection that I would borrow from frequently if she didn't live an ocean away. Needless to say, her layers and her ability to remix wonderful pieces and accessories always keep me guessing and very excited to continually re-think and re-work pieces in my own weardrobe. Thanks "W" for always inspiring me!

Fashionably Yours!


  1. Hey Jen! thank you so much, sweetie! I can't tell you how happy i feel.
    Especially because such a fashionable, creative, young, good looking girl is inspired by my looks!
    Thanks, thanks thanks, for all those compliments and sweet words!
    i'm so flattered!
    hugs and kisses to you!

  2. I love checking out all "W"s awesome outfits too - she's so creative & always chic

  3. She is definitely one of my favorite people to look to for style inspiration -- and has boots and bags I would kill for!