Saturday, December 5, 2009

What inspires me today!

Its the weekend! YAY! Sorry I wasn't able to make a post yesterday about what I wore. As soon as I got off work I went shopping to get Christmas presents. By the time I got home I was too tired to take a picture and blog about it. But I'm here now for ya, so I'm blogging today.
Lately I've been reading a lot of people's blogs and getting very inspired every day to try new things and think of new ways to wear things and to get the most out of my weardrobe. There is still a recession going on so we are all still trying to watch our pennies. Its making be double think some of the outfits I try on in stores and making me second guess what I take into the dressing room with me. I want classic timeless pieces that have and edge but will still make sense years from now. Items that I can wear over and over again and style in many different ways. Basically getting the most bang for my buck. So while looking at blogs i've been noticing advertisements for shops that I've never even known about, and of course now i'm in love. So I've saved a few of my favorite looks from some lookbooks from ShopBop and Forever21. So here is what I'm feeling inspired by these days.

Very Top: I'm so in love with this fur wrap its ridiculous! Its luxe and has that special punch to it.
Just above (left): Love the 2 plaids together with the neutral colors, so unexpected!
Just above (right): Love the faux fur collar with the leather dress. So tough but yet very sweet all at the same time!

Just above: Love the layering off this outfit. It looks so comfortable and warm but is still very chic at the same time.

Just above: This outfit probably feels like wearing pajamas but looks completely city chic while you are trying your hardest not to fall asleep! Love love it!
Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Stay warm and cozy as the weather continues to get increasingly colder!
Fashionably Yours,

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