Saturday, December 19, 2009

What I Wore: Dec. 16 & Dec. 17

Sweater: Steve & Barrys (It was a Christmas present)
Dress: Thrifted
Skirt under dress: Thrifted
Belt: The sweater belt
Necklace: Got for free from a fellow freecycler
Boots: Steve Madden

Good Morning Everyone! Its December 19th and Christmas is approaching quickly. I'm very excited for Christmas this year as it is the first Christmas with my husband as a married couple. We are doing things a little different this year but I'm ok with that. A lot definetly changes when you get married and you must do your best to roll with those changes. Anyway, because Christmas is fast approaching I've been busy, making food for our work potluck, finishing Christmas shopping, and wrapping presents. Not to mention of course all of the other little errands that come with daily life. So if I'm not around a lot then you know its because I'm getting ready for Christmas and enjoying all the time with my loved ones.

So the first outfit up above was the outfit that I wore Dec 16. I got the idea for the outfit while I was at work the day before. It turned out just as wonderful as I had thought and I feel like it had a very romantic quality. The outfit below I wore on my mental health day off from work on Dec 17. My husband and I had the day off together so we went and turned in our recycling and did some Christmas shopping. This outfit I kind of just threw together but I was very happy to be able to wear my new scarf that I got from H&M. Its a big infinity scarf but there are plenty of ways that one can wear it, as long as you use your creativity.

Well thats all for me today! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Fashionably Yours,

Headband: Forever 21
Tunic: Dots
Scar: H&M
Jeans: Dear by Amanda Bynes
Boots: Dots

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