Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend Review

Well welcome back to another edition of Monday. If you guys weren't aware the rapture didn't take place and it looks like we are all still here. I guess that means I have to show up to work on Monday and continue on like any other day. Ah well...

Since I wasn't taken in a rapture, my husband and I went to a close friend's birthday party on Saturday evening. Most of my weekend was spent relaxing except for the party and some shopping. It was really nice, too bad it couldn't extend longer. So tell me, what was your weekend like?

Fashionably Yours~

(Sunglasses: Salvation Army, Necklace: Freecycle, Top: F21, Jeans, Watch, & Bag: Target, Shoes: Charlotte Russe)

I also had some fun playing with my snack on mom didn't say I couldn't play with my food..

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