Thursday, February 17, 2011



So part of my staycation plans were to transform my storage space once again. If you don't remember or haven't been with me that long it used to be my home office among other things. Since I've started couponing I've been accumulating grocery items and with an apartment size pantry there was no room for the overstock of items. I also might be getting a printer soon so I had to move my office by an outlet (unfortunately they weren't smart enough to put one in the storage room). So yesterday morning was spent transforming by space. The before shot is a little cleaner than it was but that's because I forgot to take pictures until halfway through. It definitely turned out pretty nice if I do say so.

Fashionably Yours~


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  1. I like how you re-purposed the space. I hear you on the apartment sized pantry (you're lucky to have one!) - it sucks to have nowheres to put supplies