Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Super Savings Sunday - Part 3

We're back again for the third installment of my super savings. My grand total spent for this week was: $33.31! Amazing! But I will say this, I used some of the grocery money to go thrifting this weekend! Sometimes a girl just has to splurge, and as you can see we aren't lacking for food to eat. Here's the breakdown:

Meijer (above):

Total: $10.32
Saved: $67.19

*I actually bought 10 bags of vegetables, not just 3!

Rite Aid & Target (Above):

Total: $4.37

Saved: $119.29

*Not shown are the 6 dixie plates I bought for my mom!*

Vg's (above):

Total: $14.46

Saved: $60.35

*Again, since I already have boxes of Wheat Thins Stix these ones went to my parents!

Fashionably Yours~

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