Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Savings Sunday - Part 2

Now that we are all out of tax hell, its time to share my super savings from this week. This weekend has been kind of crazy and since i was busy with tax stuff last week, I'm surprised I got all this in. So here is my breakdown:

Vgs (above and below pics): Total: $16.64 Saved: $58.16

* The toaster struedels and 4 bottles of vinegar (not pictured) were actually free. In fact I actually got paid to take them out of the store (the store's mistake..don't judge!).

Rite-Aid & Target (below):

Total: $16.03

Saved: $63.04

There are actually Target items that aren't shown. I forgot to take pictures of them but this is most of it.

Meijer (Below):

Total: $4.84

Saved: $18.11

CVS (Below):

Total: $8.26

Saved: $33.56*

(*This amount is probably more by about $30+ dollars since I had a second order that only came to $.13)

So for the week my complete total spent was $45.77 but since i've already returned some items from Target my new total would be about $43.77 (I used some of the return money to buy my Sunday papers). All in all not a bad week. Let's see what I can do next week!

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