Monday, April 11, 2011

Super Savings Deals!

I know you all are just waiting to see how I did on my grocery budget this week. Well some bad news...i went over by $1 and some change. Yikes! I blame the donut and the pop I had to have before church on Sunday. Well I will do better this week! Here's the breakdown of how I did.

Store: Vg's (pictured above)

Total: $14.26

Savings of $70.73

Store: Target & Walgreens (Pictured above)

Total: $7.70

Savings: $38.75

Store: Rite-Aid (Pictured above)

Total: $4.08

Savings: $21.50

Store: Aldi (Pictured above)

Total: $11.62

Savings: ?? (I lost the receipt)

So I have a grand total of $45.93 (Including the $8 something I spent at Meijer) which actually means i'm over my budget by $.93 (I think I did the math wrong somewhere). A grand savings total of $130.98!! All in all not too bad and i'm excited to see if I can come under my budget this week!

Fashionably (and frugally) Yours~

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