Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The countdown begins..

As Christmas is a little over a week away, what I'm wondering is if i'm the only one who really hasn't gotten much of my Christmas shopping done. I would love to start my shopping early but most of the time i'm waiting on paychecks or for my family & friends to throw out hints about what they want. So every year without fail I'm the last minute shopper. So far I haven't waited until Christmas Eve but there could be a first for everything. This year i'm excited for Christmas though because I got some really great presents for the ones that I love and I can't wait to see their faces when they open their presents. I don't really even want much for myself. Don't get me wrong though... I won't turn down a present though! So how is your Christmas shopping going? Anything special you are hoping Santa brings you this year?

Fashionably Yours~

(Scarf: Target, Cardigan: Old Navy, Floral Top: TJ Maxx, Pink Tank: Papaya, Leggings: F21, Socks: Target, Leg Warmers: HMD, Boots: Dots)

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