Sunday, October 17, 2010

I can't get enough!!

Wow, i'm getting really addicted to this high of getting food and other items for free or super duper cheap. Soon I will be making a post on how to coupon and look for deals. I just gotta get my outline in order. Today i'm couponing so what better day to post the sale stuff I got on Friday. I paid $5.18 for all of this!!

Here is the breakdown:

Renuzits - Regular Price $1.99/ea x 6 = $11.94, on sale for $.88, I used a buy 3 get 3 free coupon & w/CVS rewards bucks: Total Price $.32 (All i had to pay was sales tax!!)

Starkist Tuna - RP $.99 w/coupon : Total Price $.49Revlon Nail Polish - Sale Price $3.04 w/coupon: Total Price $2.04

Simply Lemonade - RP $2.68 for 2 w/2 coupons: Total Price $.68 for 2

Dental Floss - RP $.97 w/coupon : FREE

Little Debbie Cakes - RP $1.44 : Total Price $1.44 (Didn't have coupon just bought for the hubs)

Fashionably Yours~

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