Monday, October 11, 2010

50% Off

Sorry if I seem like i've been away from you all. I kind of have been busy. I spent most of my weekend out running errands and shopping at the mall. Tonight after work I went with my friend then my mom to the grocery stores. They had to get groceries and I had a TON of coupons for really great deals for either free or cheap. So I thought I would share with you all. Here is most of what I got tonight. Below is the breakdown of how much it was compared to what I got it for. My outfit posts from Friday & Monday will be posted later this week!!

Fashionably Yours!

Bread: Original Price-$2.49, Sale price-$1.00 w/coupon = $.45 I paid
Gold Grahams: OP-$2.19, W/Coupon doubled = $.69 I paid
Tooth Brushes: OP- $3.99, Sale price-$3.42 w/coupon = $2.42 I paid
V8 Soup: OP-$2.99, Sale price-$2.50 w/coupon = $1.50 I paid
Febreeze: OP-$3.29, Sale price-$2.50 w/coupon = $1.50 I paid
Starbust Candies: OP-$5.98 for 2, Sale price- 2 for $4 w/coupon = $3.00 I paid
Curel Lotion: Sale Price-$3.79 w/coupon = $2.79 I paid
Floss & Deodorant: OP-$1.00-$1.50 w/coupons= I got most for free but had to pay $.50 for some of the deodorant

Total I paid for all: $15.71

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